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Somewhere in Venice

Creative Corner is a new initiative within The Retriever to showcase the student body’s creative, short-form work. While still experimental, we thought we’d try to bring out the voice of the arts at UMBC a bit more. Please send feedback on the idea to

Somewhere you’re out there.
You could be 22,
or almost 19, living your life
exactly like I am.
Except maybe you play drums
or sing in choir,
or possibly have no rhythm at all.
You might be alone,
sitting at a restaurant you like
listening to music.
What if it was the same as me?
The same song by
The Lighthouse And the Whaler.
You could be shivering,
wearing an oversized sweater
walking to the cinema.
Or are you thinking of your future?
Thinking of who I am,
what I might be doing right now.
Somewhere you’re out there.