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Student reactions to Fetty Wap

QuadMania is getting closer, and UMBC students are ready for Fetty Wap to come their way. Well, most of them are.

For those who don’t know, Fetty Wap is a hip-hop artist from New Jersey. Some of his singles that have hit high marks on the music charts are “Trap Queen,” “My Way” and “Again.”

It’s no surprise to hear how excited some students are about the concert. Nailah Johnson, a junior on the Women’s Track and Field team, is marking each passing day from her calendar until the show.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Johnson. “I don’t even like Fetty Wap that much, but I’m going because a lot of my friends are. This’ll be the highlight of 2016 at UMBC.”

Johnson went on to explain how her friends and teammates would die for Fetty. Although she doesn’t love the New Jersey native, she can still party to his music. “I can tolerate him. His music’s okay.”

Karlise Simpson, a sophomore studying media and communications, is even more enthused about the concert.

“I’m excited. It’s going to be lit,” said Simpson with a smile.

Simpson said she’s ready to hear some hip-hop on campus, something that QuadManias past have lacked. After Kesha, Capital Cities, and the like, Simpson said, “I’m glad [there’s] finally going to be some diversity on campus.”

Sophomore marketing student Kelvin Wong is ready for the concert too, he just needs to buy his tickets. “I’m excited. I know it’ll be a lot of smells in the air.”

Hundreds of students have been lining up daily purchasing tickets for the anticipated concert. Deepika Sagar, who works at the CIC, highlighted the high rates of ticket sales.

“We made $3000 the first day and $900 the first 2 hours. Everyone’s buying tickets,” said Sagar. “Sales have gotten a little slower after the first day, but they’re still selling.”

Sagar wont be able to make it to the concert, but most of her friends will.

Not everyone is so excited, though. When asked if she would be in attendance, Lisa Solinas, another Communications major, simply responded, “I don’t know who that is.”

It wasn’t easy getting Fetty to perform at this year’s QuadMania, but SEB made sure to work their magic! Poulomi Banerjee, a senior studying graphic design, explained how things went throughout the process.

“When we first decided who we wanted to perform at UMBC’s Fall concert, Fetty was an option, but timing and cost issues didn’t work out,” said Banerjee. We went with Sage the Gemini instead.”

But after seeing that Fetty would be touring the East Coast around late April, SEB spoke to Fetty’s agent, and scored a concert they think the campus will love.

“The students are excited about Fetty; He’s gotten a lot of positive reviews,” said Banerjee. “But the most sold show at UMBC is still Macklemore. His tickets sold out in 99.5 hours.”

Even if Fetty can’t touch Macklemore, tickets for his concert are selling fast. As of this writing, there are 340 left, waiting for you at the CIC for $25. Get them while you can.