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Blindspot keeps fans guessing

It’s nighttime in Times Square. The Bomb Squad inches closer to a large, mysterious duffel bag. Then suddenly, the bag opens and a young woman climbs out. This woman is confused, naked and terrified. As if that weren’t shocking enough, almost every inch of her body is covered in fresh tattoos with the name of an FBI agent printed on her back.

This is how NBC’s series “Blindspot” began when it first aired on Sept. 21, 2015. This series tells the story of Jane Doe, a woman who can’t remember the details of her life prior to waking up in Times Square. She has no idea who she is or who would have taken her memories and covered her body in tattoos. All she has to go on is the name written on her back. Kurt Weller, FBI. With the help of Weller and his team, Jane discovers that her tattoos are intricate clues to crimes that haven’t been committed yet.

Season one has been packed with many exciting twists. Jane discovers skills that she didn’t know she had, from advanced combat and marksmanship to speaking multiple languages. Throughout everything, Jane has cryptic flashbacks of her previous life and becomes desperate to figure out who she is. Agent Weller has a theory that she could be Taylor Shaw, his childhood friend who was kidnapped over 20 years ago.

However, Tom Carter, the deputy director of the CIA, develops a severe distrust of Jane. The first half of season one ends with Carter kidnapping Jane and torturing her for information about who she is. Before he can kill her, she is saved by a mysterious man named Oscar, who she recognizes from her flashbacks. The man then shows her a disturbing video of herself before the memory wipe, saying that everything that has happened was her plan all along.

After returning from its winter break, the second half of this first season promised to be very exciting, and it definitely delivered. This episode picks up right where the last one left off. This mysterious man promises Jane that he will tell her everything at a later time, and the he is only acting on her orders. More confused than ever, Jane returns to the FBI where the team has unlocked another clue that leads them to an abandoned island. This island turns out to be the sight of a once hijacked passenger plane. There, an aggressive group of terrorists is attempting to use the plane to launch an attack on the U.S. Together with the kidnapped passengers of the ill-fated flight, Jane and the team must find a way to prevent this attack from happening.

The events of this episode leave audiences guessing, which is what this show does so well. The tension and urgency to foil this attack are prominent throughout the episode, and it makes fans root for the characters even more. Plus, the uncertain nature of the relationship between Jane and Weller leaves fans hanging on their every line. Most importantly, the introduction of Oscar provides even more questions.

Even though there are many details left for Jane to discover, fans of the series want to find them out just as much as she does. After this intriguing episode, the next one can’t come soon enough.