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Charlie Puth serenades Baltimore

Baltimore got a little more soulful when singer-songwriter Charlie Puth arrived. On April 2, Charlie Puth stopped in Baltimore at Rams Head Live during his Nine Track Mind tour. Before Puth hit the stage, his opening acts Phoebe Ryan and Sophie Beem entertained the crowd while they waited for the pop-singer to make his much anticipated entrance.

Puth piqued the interest of the music industry after his worldwide hit single, “See You Again” with rapper Wiz Khalifa, dominated the charts and spent seven weeks at number one on iTunes, then held the record for the most-streamed track in a single day on Spotify in the United States. It also set the record for most streams in a single week worldwide.

Though Puth only sang for 90 minutes, he showed off his musical talents to his enamored crowd by beat-boxing on his radio friendly hit with pop-singer Meghan Trainor, “Marvin Gaye” and singing “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” his song with Selena Gomez. Puth belted his songs with passion in the center of the stage on a large black grand piano. He slowed things down and got intimate when he sat on the piano and sang his sweetest ballad on his album, “Then There’s You,” telling a charming story of how it’s about a girl he “almost kissed.” The talented singer captivated the largely teen-girl audience with his infectious hits, such as “Suffer” – a gritty, sexually charged song – and “My Gospel,” an anthem that has him preaching about committing to his women.

With just a short song setlist to play from, Puth delivered. Puth had the appearance of an “underdog,” taking the stage in a pair of ripped jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt that seems overrated now — but it’s working for him. Considering that Puth went from writing songs for YouTube personalities three years ago, to singing on the most successful track of 2015, Puth deserves to be singing in front of a crowd of screaming fans. Puth’s album, “Nine Track Mind,” is filled with promising pop-hits that showcase his talent and compliment his beautiful tenor-falsetto voice. That night was his chance to show the audience his stage presence, and he did not disappoint.