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“Views” will make you feel a way

The highlight of my week was finally signing up for my Apple Music free trial. After all, it’s what let me listen to Drake’s “Views” as soon as it was released.   

Drake’s followers knew that he had an interview with Zane Lowe, scheduled on OVO Sound Radio for April 28 at 9:45 p.m. EST. Many anticipated that he would drop “Views” on-air, but Drake, the only celebrity who still manages to surprise his fans,  released the album straight to Apple Music. Just minutes after it was available, fans were Tweeting, Facebooking and Snapchatting their reactions from all over the world.

One has every right to be wary of albums with 20 tracks. There are multiple artists who have released that much new content at once, and failed to keep listeners interested. Drake has a knack for storytelling, though. The way he’s able to talk about his experiences in every song, all the while keeping each song different from the last, yet still relevant to the flow of the album, is unlike anything a modern mainstream artist can produce.

After waiting for what feels like years for this album, I couldn’t be more pleased, and that’s definitely not just because the Toronto girl in me feels attached to Drake. The first song, “Keep the Family Close,” is reminiscent of Drake’s sophomore album “Take Care.” The track that follows however, “9,” is fresh, with smooth beats and effortless mixing. “Views” demonstrates just how self-aware Drake is. He knows his talents, and the sound he creates expresses those talents eloquently.

When you step into the world that “Views” creates, you will get lost in Drake’s stories. Songs like “Feel No Ways” will take you back through messy break-ups, while “With You,” which features PARTYNEXTDOOR, will help you push past the tough times and into a world where the only goal is to have fun.

“Controlla,” one of the songs that was leaked a few weeks before the album dropped, is fairly different from the demo many fans heard. While the lack of another voice in the beginning of the song surprised listeners initially, the rest of the track is still catchy yet simultaneously tranquil. It takes you to an uncomplicated time when all that’s required of you is to let go and dance, which is perfect because “One Dance,” potentially the song of the summer, is the track that follows.

Nothing makes music fans happier than when Drake and Rihanna collaborate on a song. As much as everyone loves dancing and singing along to “Work,” “Too Good” is undoubtedly the best collaboration by the two of them. The track is heartache personified. While it hurts to listen to the pain that someone feels when their love is taken for granted, Drake and Rihanna are able to highlight the importance of self-worth through this beautiful melody.

“Views” encompasses Drake’s life experiences, but his honest storytelling is what makes every listener feel a deeply-rooted connection to him and his music. This album is hypnotic, and time will only make fans appreciate it more. It hasn’t even been a week and I already can’t wait to hear what Drake drops next.