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An evening with Wye Oak

WYE OAK performed at the Rock N Roll Hotel on June 22nd. The Baltimore band, made up of Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, recently started touring with their latest album “Tween”. A reflective piece, the album was crafted between sophomore album “Civilian” and previous album “Shriek”. Singer Jenn Wasner spoke about the band’s 10 year run, thanking the audience for their constant support. All female Baltimore band TEEN opened up with synth pop tunes. The sold out show was vibrant, with each song receiving loud cheers and applause.

Wye Oak’s set list included:

  1. Encore:

wye oak trw-2
Teeny Lieberson of TEEN adds a quirky personality to the band’s performance.
wye oak trw
Baltimore band TEEN is made up of Boshra AlSaadi (cq) ,left, Teeny Lieberson (cq), center left, Katherine Lieberson (cq), center right, and Lizzie Lieberson (cq) right
wye oak trw-3
Lizzie Lieberson of TEEN plays on two separate keyboards at the same time.
wye oak trw-4
Jenn Wasner, singer and guitarist of WYE OAK
wye oak trw-5
Andy Stack, drummer and synth of WYE OAK
wye oak trw-6
Jenn Wasner performs new tracks from WYE OAK’s latest album “Tween”.
wye oak trw-7
Andy Stack simultaneously plays drums along with the synth.
wye oak trw-8
A stylized photo of Jenn Wasner jamming out.
wye oak trw-9
Andy Stack (cq), left, and Jenn Wasner (cq) right celebrate performing together for almost 10 years. They have released five albums in that time.
wye oak trw-10
The lighting for the show was dim yet fit the music perfectly.
wye oak trw-11
Jenn Wasner performs a solo.
wye oak trw-12
Andy Stack (cq), left, and Jenn Wasner (cq), right, finish their set with encore track Holy Holy off their sophomore album “Civilian”.