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Students showcase diverse talents at homecoming

The Student Events Board has done it again. The UC Ballroom was ordained in black and gold last weekend as a flood of culture infused the room. In keeping with a UMBC tradition, the annual Homecoming Talent Show, put on by (seb), played to a standing room only crowd containing over 400 students, performers and family members.

(seb) gave out a myriad of free swag including light up bracelets, calendars of free upcoming events and UMBC refrigerator magnets. The crowd appeared grateful as (seb) also gave out 2016 Homecoming Cups that changed color when they got cold.

UMBC’s student body clearly has the courage that it takes to get up on a stage in front of hundreds of people and perform their talent. The crowd behaved admirably by supporting individuals who struggled with their performance.

Anyone who attended the event could witness the love, support and accepting nature of UMBC students who sang along and waved their hand in the air from left to right, greatly encouraging performers.

The acts ranged from solo performances, dance routines and original poetry performances to a student who played an ukulele and sang while her partner juggled tennis ball.

One student performed an original piece of poetry where he utilized math terminology and equated said terminology to a failed personal relationship. The crowd actively listened as they received the reading with exuberant joy. Words dripped like the sound of rain falling softly on the top of a tent; first softly, then followed by a bombardment of emotion filled lyrics that caught the crowd’s attention and never let go from start to finish.

Standing out from the other performers, was a dance group who called themselves the Island Gyalz. They performed in concert with a back-up group who called themselves the Yaad Boyz.

Captain, and co-captain, Gehnet Rose and Najah McDonald of the Gyalz, worked in unison with the captain of the Yaad Boyz, Naseem Redmond to choreograph a highly energetic island dance routine that glued the audience to the edge of their seats, leaving everyone wanting more.  

Another obvious crowd pleaser performed a traditional style of belly dancing. Meghan Vu enchanted audience members as she utilized a blue scarf in her routine. Vu’s performance ebbed and flowed with grace and beauty that was unparalleled. Vu moved upstage and downstage, spinning her scarf in such a way that the audience could not help but become entrapped with the dance.

The evening concluded with an all-male group that sang oldies in acapella style. Their heavenly voiced serenaded the crowd as the climax of the night fell upon all.

After the performances were complete and the swag given out, students exited the theater. One might ask, if UMBC has got talent. Judging by the talent on stage… Yes we do.