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Hooray for Halloweek!

The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and pumpkins are leading markets around the nation — it is October! For most students, October is a very calming time of year. It is finally time to bring out those sweaters, curl up under a blanket and drink a pumpkin spice latte. October 2017, however, is going to be very exciting, for seb has filled every UMBC student’s calendar with loads of autumnal events!

Halloween is one of the best days of the year, so seb decided to prolong it by introducing UMBC to Halloweek – a full week of Halloween-themed events starting on Tuesday, October 24 and ending on Halloween night! Seb’s list of Halloweek events range from pumpkin baseball to a boo bash, all of which will be held right here on the UMBC campus!

Halloweek starts off with a game of pumpkin baseball on Erickson Field where students can feel free to smash some pumpkins. The following Thursday night, there is a pumpkin party at the Sportszone, so dress as a pumpkin and liberate all your Halloween excitement! For all those horror film lovers, seb is showcasing “Annabelle: Creation” all weekend.

For those students who are not favorable to getting spooked, seb is also hosting events like Breakfast & Bingo and Paint Nite. Once told about all Halloweek events, UMBC student Hannah Mitchell, freshman environmental science major, eagerly replied, “I am most excited to go to Paint Nite because I like being artistic!”

Many students seem to be thrilled and are looking forward to Halloweek, but is there anything UMBC’s Halloween is lacking? Seb’s Halloweek schedule is filled with an abundance of parties and Halloween inspired get-togethers, but what about the classic traditions? When one is asked to think of Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is trick-or-treating.

Halloween sparks a bit of nostalgia in every emerging adult – all those dark, spooky nights you spent running from house to house to collect candy then dumping out your bags and dividing the sweet pieces from the lackluster. Every student has to admit they miss it. Who says age has to stop tradition? Why not have students trick-or-treat around UMBC?

Each student could go dorm trick-or-treating around their residence halls and revive the child they bury beneath loads of textbook work and essays. When suggested the idea Nicole Christ, the Vice President of Involvement of seb and senior environmental science major, replied, “The trick or treat is a really cute idea. I would talk to Reslife about that because we don’t have a lot of control in the on-campus communities!”

So, if the students of UMBC want to celebrate Halloween in the traditional way their young hearts have grown up loving, it is up to them and Reslife. If students want to have costume contests or have any other Halloween suggestions or ideas on how to celebrate, they should not shy away from presenting it to seb or Reslife. They can make this the spookiest Halloween UMBC has ever seen!