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Greta Van Fleet revives classic rock in D.C.

It is 10:20 p.m. on a Friday night, and the 9:30 Club in downtown Washington, D.C. is pulsing with excitement and noise. A smoky haze and the loud hum of not-so-sober conversation fill the venue as the anticipation grows for the main act.

Ten minutes, and everyone is rocking out and singing at the top of their lungs “all my brothers we stand for the peace of the land, is there meaning? I’ve got love in my heart, for an army apart, I am bleeding…”

These are the heartfelt words to “Edge of Darkness,” an original song by Greta Van Fleet, a modern classic rock band from Frankenmuth, Michigan.

The band has gained enormous popularity in the rock world this past year since the release of “Black Smoke Rising” in April 2017 and are currently on a world tour that has stretched from Paris, Berlin, and Japan to Denmark, Hawaii, the UK and more.

What makes this band unique cannot be summed up in one word. It is a convergence of talent, charisma and a dedication to the music with the power of classic rock.

The band is made up of three brothers, Josh (vocals), Sam (bass) and Jake Kizka (guitar) along with their family friend, Danny Wagner (drums); all under 22 years old. They have captured the world with their authentic classic rock music and many even compare them to rock legend, Led Zeppelin.

Josh Kizka’s vocals are definitely unique to modern music; a husky howl that looks almost effortless and reminds audiences of Robert Plant’s wide range of vocals and pitches.

The 9:30 Club sang along with Josh as best they could, but he wowed everyone by holding long high notes, screams and howls without a single voice crack (while the audience’s voices cracked to no end).

Already recognized by Guitar Player magazine, Jake Kizka brought back the good old days of guitar solos as he showed off his amazing self-taught talent for the guitar, giving virtuosic solos throughout the show.

Sam Kizka and Danny Wagner also got their fair share of time in the spotlight, especially Wagner, who closed the show with an astounding solo on drums, ending the night with a bang.

The group left the stage, leaving a crowd electric with excitement and adrenaline. Some flocked to the merchandise booth and bought T-shirts, posters and even socks with the 70’s style ‘Greta Van Fleet’ band art and logo. Everyone, however, left the venue with rock ‘n roll pulsing through their veins, thinking ‘it’s about time.’