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Crumb brings new indie sound to the Metro Gallery

The first hints of fall made for a brisk October night this past Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018. Eager fans in hoodies and knit beanies filled the Metro Gallery, patiently waiting to see the Boston-based band Crumb.

Lead by singer and guitarist Laila Ramani, the band tastefully mixes freeform indie rock with an intricate variety of keyboard styles. It is all topped off with the soft, fluid voice of Ramani. Her voice melts with the instruments, providing for a smooth sound that pleases the ear with its carefree tone.

The anticipation grew amongst the crowd following an impressive opening set by Orion Sun, whose soulful voice touched the audience. As showtime arrived, Ramani and the rest of the band, bassist Jesse Brotter, keyboardist Brian Aronow and drummer Jonathan Gilad, made their way into the blue lights of the stage — much to the audience’s excitement. Their relaxed clothing made them look like fans themselves, far from the age-old rock musician look. However, their attire reflected their alternative yet genuine style of music.

Ramani spoke few words throughout the performance. She preferred to let the music run near continuously. Her soft voice sang melodic verses, bookended by lengthy instrumental periods. This maintained the soothing flow that ran through the bodies of each fan and set a calm feeling within the venue. The cohesion of the band’s instruments play with Ramani’s voice makes for a unique sound that listeners can find exclusively with Crumb.

The long instrumentals provided jam sessions among the whole band. They turned towards each other on stage, focusing attentively on their craft, while the sound pulsated through the crowd. In a genre filled with lyrics, it was refreshing to hear the instruments independently from the vocals in their pure, intended form.

By the time the end of the show came, the audience stood gazing at the stage. Their mood was completely reset by the music’s pacifying tone, conveying how powerful music can truly be. The satisfied crowd shuffled out of the narrow doorways into the night, feeling as though they got their money’s worth.

Crumb’s uncommon style is celebrated for its rarity, drawing in a growing population of fans that actively follows the band. With a successful tour of the United States, the band will now embark on a European tour this coming fall. Still a young, developing band, there is no telling what success they could have. The demand for performances is promising, as the band nears the release of their first full-length album. Pay close attention to Crumb in 2019. Their different sound has the potential to attract tons of fans as they trail blaze a new style of music.