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Learning resources are available to help students with their heavy workloads

The semester is well underway, and many students are frantically doggy paddling to keep afloat amidst a sea of midterms, papers, twenty-page readings and extracurricular activities. In these trying times, it is important that students discover and utilize the educational resources available on campus.

Students are not always aware of the forms of aid available to them, and some who are aware decide not to use their resources because they think they do not need them, or that their work will no longer be their own, but these people are mistaken. The opportunities available are helpful and go beyond the popular twenty-four hour study space in the library.

An important source of educational assistance that may be overlooked by students is the Learning Resources Center, which offers students many different forms of aid, with new programs arriving every few years.

Students may be unaware of the services the center offers, which include placement testing, drop-in tutoring in the Math and Science Center, face-to-face and online tutoring in the Writing Center, the First-Year Intervention program aimed at providing resources to students in their first year at UMBC, tutoring by appointment for many one- and two-hundred level courses and more.

Cassie Bichy, director of the LRC, said in an email, “We build partnerships with students, faculty, and staff to provide successful academic support services ensuring that students have the means to perform better in their coursework, learn how to study independently and succeed in graduating.”

Additionally, Bichy expressed the belief that visits to the center allow students to gain a different perspective for learning. Students have the opportunity to lighten their load by working with people who are knowledgeable about their coursework. A tutor can walk a student through their assignments and ensure that, in the future, that student is better equipped to tackle further coursework.

One example of the LRC’s available opportunities for help is the Writing Center, where students can get help on the essays that bring them to the verge of tears. Students can drop in or do online appointments and receive feedback for revision and improvement whether their assignment entails a short blog post or full length essay.

Harini Narayan, a sophomore modern language and linguistics major, has made use of the center. “Everyone at the writing center is very constructive and supportive,” said Narayan. “They help you improve your writing while still maintaining your own voice.”

Refinement of writing skills is just one of the many things the LRC can offer.  For more information about specific forms of assistance the Learning Resources Center offers, students can visit the website or call 410-455-2444.

Taking advantage of the tools at their disposal will help students cut down on their stress and improve the quality of their work. Free academic support is not offered to students everywhere, but on this campus students have a variety of resources available, and they should make use of them.