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Art Week presents an amazing art gallery

Along with a chorus of artsy crafts and performances, Art Week kicked off an art gallery by our very own UMBC students. Some of the top picks could be seen throughout the entire week at the art gallery located on Mainstreet in the Commons. The entire collection of art was exhibited in the commonvision Zine released this past week.

A plethora of paintings, photographs, sketches and graphic designs were submitted and printed into this year’s Zine. The masterminds behind all of this wonderful artwork: a whole range of students. The students included come from many different backgrounds and all kinds of majors — from music to mechanical engineering.

The creations of these students demonstrate the hidden artistic talent that exists here at UMBC. This school has long been known for its dedication to STEM, but Art Week gives the arts and art lovers a chance to shine.

Every single piece of art on display in both the Zine and the gallery deserves its own recognition. The use of color, the aesthetically pleasing nature of each piece and the thought that must have gone into them make the walk through the gallery and the Zine a captivating and enjoyable experience.

The artwork on display is truly impressive and worthy of exploration. Each one should get an evaluation of the symbolism and meaning within it. Average people at this university created amazing things. It really is a wonder what the human mind can discover in the ordinary. 

One photograph that stood out was one titled “Sunflower.” It shows a girl in the foreground spreading her arms, doused in sunlight, all while flaunting a flowing floral scarf. Her smile shines bright coupled with the two men standing behind her, who appear to be grinning off into the distance.

The brightness and freedom associated with the picture have been perfectly captured in its title. Not only do the colors and the floral print match the title, but the characters in the photo are also symbolic of sunflowers. The girl is the focus of attention, like the sun, and those that view this photo are automatically drawn towards her, like sunflowers.

The warm glow of the sun at its “golden hour” also enhances the beauty of the photo. The girl almost seems to radiate in the picture because of it. The viewer can feel the pure happiness of the moment. The girl isn’t awkwardly posing or tensed up; she is enjoying her evening and existing as usual. Being able to capture moments like this on camera and creating such a unique photo shows a talent that should not be discounted.

It is with artists like all of those exhibited that the world becomes a much brighter place. Art is one of the things that brings people together. The crowd that wandered through the gallery while waiting for their free t-shirts is enough to show that. Art, with all its wonderful qualities, must continue to be created.