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Brothers Osborne gives The Anthem a “damn good time”

Five-time GRAMMY nominee Brothers Osborne never fails to impress with their charismatic country music. The duo of brothers, TJ and John Osborne, has found great success with the combination of their personal talents.

TJ, the lead vocalist, enchants listeners with the smooth, deep voice classic to country music, all the while adding his own flair, separating him from the rest of his genre. John’s guitar skills, phenomenal and mesmerizing, complement TJ’s voice beautifully. The brothers’ talents combine to create a distinct style for which Brothers Osborne is remembered and admired.

Brothers Osborne’s most recent album, “Port Saint Joe,” was nominated for best country album of the year for the 61st annual GRAMMY awards, and it is clear as to why their album was considered for such an outstanding award. With this album, the Osborne brothers perfectly balance slow and fast-paced songs with focuses on love, pain and drunken joy.

Songs on the album such as “A Couple Wrongs Makin’ It Alright” and “Slow Your Roll” liven the listeners with their upbeat tones and lighthearted lyrics, prompting all listeners to sing along with lines like “We’re all gonna get there someday / Don’t have to be tonight / It’s harder than you think to do nothing / If you wanna do nothing right.”

Their song, “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)” explores a theme atypical to the anticipated upbeat collection. It captures the sense of loss and inner turmoil that comes with the absence of a loved one. Through lyrics such as, “Was I just another ghost in this town? / Who was I when no one was around? / Did I even know what I was livin’ with? / Who are my favorite songs about?” Brothers Osborne embodies the self-doubt one may experience while without someone they love.

With their music, Brothers Osborne tours a wide range of styles, providing an enjoyable song for every listener. Their music essentially focuses on entertaining the listener, whether that be through relatable lyrics or just pure enjoyment. It also caters to the emotions of the audience members and creates a warm environment fit for everyone to leave “only guilty of a damn good time.”

Maryland natives, Brothers Osborne came close to home on Feb. 23 at The Anthem in Washington D.C. The show was outstanding, the live music outshining their already extraordinary pre-recorded album. Although there are only two of them onstage, Brothers Osborne had a huge presence and engaged the entire audience with their lively, feel-good performance.

Every audience member could see the Osborne brothers’ passion performed on stage, and that is a very special, rare ability for modern musicians to possess. Their genuine love for music and admiration for their fans was shared with every note they played.  

Brothers Osborne is dedicated to creating music that reflects their love for their craft. They explore a variety of styles within the country music genre and have created their own distinct presence in the music industry for it. Everyone is encouraged to follow Brothers Osborne on Spotify and become a part of “The Family.”