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PAWS FOR ART: Here’s to Us.

Here’s to the kids who have panic attacks between classes

     To the babies who laugh lightly unaware of the years of intentional, planned darkness crawling towards them

     To the children who muffle their cries at night so often that suffocation becomes as much a goal as silence

     To the adolescents who get hit with suicidal thoughts when they are surrounded by the warmth of their friends

     To the men and women whose survival instincts have suppressed so many memories that they,

         empty of evidence,

         don’t even believe themselves when claiming maltreatment

     To the elders who wish they could adopt Time and convince it to turn them towards infancy

         in hopes that if they changed a few actions, and learned a few lessons,

         Life would develop to be better


I am proud that you have survived,

But I am saddened that you have suffered


I am sorry.


For what you have experienced and what you will,

I am deeply, horribly