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Idealism in scribbles. Drawing by Ceyda Baysal.

PAWS FOR ART: at the third light turn right

i have no interest in crumbs

or crushed up berries / but

i look out the milky window, start

to miss u / thru the panels. so


i crave the little bits. like

that could be the corner of

your roof, just a rumble

up the road, just / a twist

of my body / in the rain, just a puddle

i mud through on purpose / just


listen for a second. we’ve got glass

for yellow roses on these tabletops. and

it’s been eight months since i saw u.

we are closer now than ever. u could be here

if u wanted. if I wanted


i could ask u to, or toss it up: a

drizzle on the driveway, where the first sweet thing

i say to u / is “always”, and the next

new word u’ll need is “anytime”.


Tess McRae