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Artwork by Ceyda Baysal.

PAWS FOR ART: How to: Man

You lack it all
The posture, the aura, the essence
You are not a man
You are colorful and bright and smile at the sun
Your chest isn’t the first thing that approaches people, it’s your
And your face, pampered, soft skin
No bruises or damages done to it
Where have you left it? Your manhood?
You, you beautiful boy that speaks of his emotions
And whose mouth opens up like to sing rather than boom, like a
You can be a tornado
But your fierce and your brave is hidden like your hurt when they
You are not a man
Because you like colors past blue and green
And you like songs with low hums, hum, hum
You like to speak softly
Oh you
What a waste of manhood


Meron D Akle