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Letter from the Editor: We are here for you

I never imagined that the last four issues I would be editing would be digital, or that our newsroom would be reporting on national news while stuck at home, away from the buzz of our office and away from those we would be ultimately reporting on. 

As so many things in the world fall apart, journalists are only just beginning to lean in, and we intend to do the same. 

We will continue to put out a biweekly newspaper and publish breaking news to our Twitter account and to our website as it happens. 

PDFs of our newspaper can be found under the “Digital Archives” tab on our website, and we will be ordering a limited number of print copies for mail distribution by request.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we continue to elevate your questions and field your concerns. We are here to hear your stories and center your voices. 

The former Washington Post President and Publisher Philip L. Graham stated that “The real function of newspapers is to provide the kind of first draft of history.” We know we aren’t The Post of your news consumption, but we want to be the first publication you go to when you want your voice to be heard.

But without your help, we know we can’t cover it all. In order to give you the best coverage possible, we hope you will actively engage with our reporters, columnists and editors on social media or over email when we can’t be there for you in person.

We’ve seen some of this engagement over the past week, and it has resulted in what I believe has been extremely thoughtful and conscientious reporting. 

We hope you’ll continue to engage with us over the coming weeks, so that we can continue to put out a newspaper that serves you.

My email is always open.

Julia Arbutus, Editor-in-Chief