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Commit Statement

We commit: To truth. To community. To you.

Dear UMBC student body, faculty, staff and alumni,

As journalists, we have the responsibility to elevate the voices of those in the community we serve. We at The Retriever have taken the time to reflect on our platform and the stories we have chosen to share. In doing so, we recognize where some of our stories have fallen short of this mission and where other stories have not been told at all – and that is not okay. In a society where the truth is often lost, communities are isolated and individuals are left in the dark, a newspaper’s integrity is that much more important. Therefore, we would like to take this time at the beginning of the semester to re-commit ourselves to the student body and the campus community.

We commit:

  • To not only finding the truth, but also reporting it. To not only establishing relationships with organizations and administrators on campus, but also opening a dialogue of understanding in our community. To not only dedicating the newspaper to stories that are important and relevant to you, but also giving you a newspaper that you can be proud of, share in and respect.

  • To accountability. Just as we are going to be holding ourselves responsible for our reporting, we ask you to do the same as you read our articles each week. Our newsroom and my inbox are always open.

Let’s talk issues.

See you on campus,

Julia Arbutus, Editor in Chief





























































Evan Hansen <3