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College comfort company

Grilled Cheese & Co. adds delicious twists to classic comfort food

Brittany Meyer

Staff Writer

Vic Corbi and Matt Lancelotta have created a safe haven for grilled cheese lovers in Catonsville.

       As summer comes to a close, students pack up their belongings and return to the monotonous routine of classes and dorm life. Going from homemade cooked meals for the past three months to on-campus dining can be quite a drag. Luckily for UMBC students, there is a place close-by that can give the typical college student a reminder of home.

Located off of Interstate 695 at exit 14 on Edmondson Avenue in Catonsville, owners Vic Corbi and Matt Lancelotta have taken grilled cheese to new heights with their uniquely established chain, Grilled Cheese & Co.

From the road, Grilled Cheese & Co. doesn’t look like much. It resembles a small country home with its snow-white paneling and black roof. You wouldn’t know it was a successful casual dining establishment. According to the website, the owners wanted to make things simple and keep the atmosphere of the restaurant feeling like home.

Inside the restaurant, your attention immediately goes to the gigantic chalkboard menu, designed in the most eye-catching way possible with bold orange and red lettering.

With over ten different variations of the popular cheesy comfort food, a visit to Grilled Cheese & Co. is never a dull meal. Some of the unique menu items include The Fresco, Sarducci, The Blue Ox, Crabby Melt and The Sweetest Thing. To go along with the sandwiches, the menu also consists of creamy tomato basil soup, classic house and Caesar salads, fries and shakes.

Corbi and Lancelotta have also emphasized their Baltimore roots with this establishment. Along with their signature Crabby Melt made with their own homemade crab dip recipe, the counters are filled with Old Bay and the famous Berger cookies for dessert.

And if those Berger cookies don’t satisfy that sweet tooth craving, maybe The Sweetest Thingwill! Possibly one of the most unique sandwiches on the menu, The Sweetest Thingconsists of brie, raspberry mascarpone spread and chocolate chips.

Corbi and Lancelotta have taken their most cherished childhood memory and made it into a successful business. The restaurant’s website says, “Grilled cheese eases our worries, and no matter what our age it will always bring a smile to our face.”

As the semester rolls in with its stress and responsibility, stopping by the Grilled Cheese & Co. will provide one with a much needed positive, childlike attitude.