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Chattin’ With: Lisa Nanov

By Nathan Grube

Staff Writer

TRW: How did you first start playing soccer?

LN: I started when I was four when my Dad got me into it. He is a big soccer person. I started from a young age and really enjoyed it.


TRW: Are there any professional players that you look up to or try to model your game off of?

LN: Not anyone specifically now, but I do enjoy watching famous players. When I was young I always loved watching Mia Hamm. This summer I followed the World Cup and seeing those matches was very cool.


TRW: In high school you were a member of the World Language Department Honor Society and the German Club, when did you first start getting interested in foreign languages, specifically German?

LN: I am not taking it anymore, but I started in eighth grade for a language requirement. My family is from Germany and my Dad speaks fluent German, so that is the language I choose. I stuck with it throughout all of high school.


TRW: When did you realize that it was something you were very interested?

LN: I liked it because it would allow me to speak with my aunts and uncles in Germany so I could email them and talk to them. Plus my grandparents have hard German accents so I was able to understand what they were saying.


TRW: What was most appealing about UMBC as a school when you were choosing where to go?

LN: It was the most well rounded place that I saw. I love the girls, the coaches, the campus was nice and it had what I was looking for academically.


TRW: Even though you are currently undecided as a major, is there a subject you are looking at?

LN: I am thinking about going into psychology and either working with elementary school students or kids with special needs. I am not certain, but I am interested in it.


TRW: What are some of your favorite things about being on the soccer team at UMBC?

LN: We hang out with each other all the time off the field. I usually do not hang out with anyone else on campus. We are really close, there is no drama and I am really thankful to be able to play for an amazing team. They did so well last year and being able to come in and have an impact right away is really amazing.