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Innovation, Zombies, and the war on vaporizers

Vape while you can 

Nancy Young, the vice president of student affairs, attended the SGA Senate meeting last Monday, the 14th. During the meeting, Young outlined a plan for a potential amendment to UMBC’s smoking policy. The amendment would implement a ban on “all electronic smoking devices.” As of now, Young is still “gathering feedback from the student body,” but warned that there has been an increasing number of complaints about vaping on campus.

Humans Vs. Zombies

UMBC Humans vs. Zombies first week-long game of the semester will begin on Monday, Sept 21 and will conclude on that Friday, Sept 25. The game will be played all day, every day, for the entire week. Good luck getting to class.

UMBC Leads Country in Innovation 

UMBC has placed 4th in the annual “U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges” rankings for Most Innovative. The campus also ranked 6th for quality of undergrad teaching, beating out both Stanford and Duke. Unfortunately, “U.S. News” has done away with its “Up and Coming” list, so we may never know whether or not we’ve truly “arrived.”