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Photo Credit: Kristina Soetje

Men’s soccer keeps the ball rolling

The men’s soccer team continues to rise into success after defeating Big Ten school Ohio State University on September 4 with a score of 1-0. Beating the Buckeyes gave the Retrievers their second consecutive victory of the new season.

2,470 spectators were there to witness the Retriever triumph, nearly surpassing the 2,874 record of attendance achieved at their first home game of the 2015 season against Fairfield on August 28. Competing against Ohio State was UMBC’s third home game after defeating Central Arkansas 5-0.

The first half of the match was the quieter of the two. No goals were scored during this time, but there were attempts from both sides. The Buckeyes were more possessive of the ball with five shot attempts compared to UMBC’s two.

Junior goalie Billy Heavner’s one save of the half was 10 minutes into the game, when Buckeyes midfielder Greg Solawa brought the ball to the middle of the field and kicked it several yards out towards Heavner. Heavner dived to his left and caught the ball.

Goal attempts by UMBC during this half include senior midfielder Malcom Harris’ attempt around the 33 minute mark. Standing near Ohio State’s penalty area on the spectator’s side, he kicked to the right and the ball flew past two Buckeyes but it was saved by Ohio State goalie Chris Froschauer.

The second half of the soccer game determined the fate of the Retrievers. Freshman midfielder Patrick Jean-Gilles took possession of the ball at center midfield and made a solid right diagonal pass to midfielder senior Joseph Pratt. Pratt ran the ball up the field before making a smooth left cross over to senior forwarder Darius Madison, who spun around and quickly shot the ball right into the upper middle of the goal at the 58:03 mark.

UMBC and Ohio State were more even in terms of making shots on goals during the second half, with the Buckeyes attempting five and the Retrievers attempting four with one success. The Buckeyes played more offensively after UMBC’s goal, trying to make a comeback, but during the last half hour of the game the Buckeyes couldn’t score. This left the game at 1-0 with yet another Retriever victory.

The Retrievers next take on cross-town rival Loyola University at Loyola on September 12 at 7p.m.