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Baltimore body cameras, grants, and Catonsville’s newest attraction

Body cameras

Baltimore Police announced on Monday that the city will begin testing out body cameras for individual officers as part of a 54-day pilot program. The city is using the pilot program to determine which out of three vendors will be used to supply the rest of the force’s cameras. Over 100 officers and detectives began starting the devices this week, including those from Baltimore’s Western districts and Special Operations Sections. The officers wearing the cameras for the next two months either volunteered or were chosen by their commanders.


$5 million grant hits Baltimore
Baltimore’s spending board is expected to approve the first wave of a federal grant given to the city this week. The $5 million grant was given to the city after the riots in April. The first several contracts to come out of the grant will be with eight job training programs throughout the city. Jason Perkins-Cohen, the director of the mayor’s office of employment development, told the “Baltimore Sun” that “officials looked for ties to community organizations and employers when making the awards, based on conversations after the riots in which people said they felt disconnected from the opportunities available.”


Escape Catonsville 

Escape The Room, or Escape This Live, is a live action adventure game that locks a group of up to ten people in a room for a designated amount of time and challenges them to find a way out. The participants must work through a set of clues and puzzles to unlock the door to the room. Now, UMBC students can experience this attraction right off campus. At 2 Winters Lane in Catonsville, an Escape The Room has opened. As the first such attraction in the Baltimore Area, it is sure to gain the attention of a few local adventurers.