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HvZ annual Zombie Bash

If you have ever noticed UMBC students wielding Nerf guns and adorned with neon bandanas, or have ever stumbled across stray Nerf darts somewhere on campus, you have seen the handiwork of one of UMBC’s most popular clubs: Humans versus Zombies, or HvZ. Although these role-playing survivors and zombies are constantly running around campus completing various missions for their respective factions and battling against each other, they all need a bit of downtime.

They found their downtime at the sixth annual Zombie Bash, held in the Commons Gameroom on October 30. Members show up to the festival dressed as zombies and survivors; they spend the evening playing games, consuming free food and drink, listening to music and partaking in a special Halloween-themed mission.

Although the event takes place during the busy Halloween weekend, the Zombie Bash still has a great turnout with members ready to come dressed for the occasion. Laura Roth, junior bioinformatics major and HvZ officer, said, “We typically have between forty and fifty people show up. Ten to twenty of those people are new. Most people show up in costume as well as play the Halloween mission we prepare.”

These special events organized by HvZ serve a higher purpose than simply organizing games and handing out free refreshments.  Zachary Murray, a junior interdisciplinary studies major and HvZ officer, said, “It helps us draw in new people while also celebrating Halloween with the old ones. It also encourages people to get involved with student-run clubs, to find friends and possibly even find more clubs to join through us.”

The Zombie Bash provides a relaxed environment for the HvZ members who usually spend their time attacking and shooting each other. Jackson O’Dell, a freshman information systems major, expressed his appreciation of HvZ and events like the Zombie Bash. “Personally, I enjoy HvZ because it’s just a fun group of people who have a great time.”

O’Dell went on to say how HvZ benefits his daily experience at UMBC. “I look forward to it every week to get away from the stress of school. It’s also a great way to get the blood flowing before studying hard for a test.” He was especially thankful for the connections that he has made through HvZ. “I’ve made friends who have given me so much advice to help me out with my school work and general life.”

The HvZ officers hope that the Zombie Bash continues to draw in more and more brain-munching fanatics every year and that HvZ, as a whole, would continue to thrive at UMBC as it provides fellowship between students of all ages and majors.