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Jenny & Tyler gently lull listeners with “Of This I’m Sure”

Everyone has stressful days and for some the best medicine is music that will calm you down and help you center your mind. Jenny & Tyler’s “Of This I’m Sure” will help you get there. The indie-pop folk band from Nashville, Tennessee has a tranquil presence that will literally make you fall asleep — at least, that’s what it did for me.

“Of this I know,” the first track off of the album, had electronic elements which I found quite odd, considering that this is a folk album. Even so, Jenny & Tyler make it work. With the acoustic guitars and classical instruments, the song brings out earthy, rhythmically-enriching tones. One downfall of the song was when Jenny was singing the melody, she was a bit too high-pitched, which really did not blend well into the ballad.

“Song For You” was definitely the most memorable anthem from “Of This I’m Sure.” The ethereal love song is surprisingly not cliché in any way. The intimate country-folk ballad is sung like a conversation between two best friends, who happen to be lovers. There is so much love and respect in the song and with rock ‘n’ roll elements in the melody, the whole track is brought together. Emotional lyrics like, “I have done for you everything my love. Open your heart, open your heart,” will draw tears and let listeners settle.

One of the songs that will drive listeners to rest and relax is “Fly Away,” which is crafted like a lullaby. The laid-back rhythms with acoustic instruments and Jenny’s calming voice will definitely calm you enough to make you drowsy.

Jenny & Tyler attempt to mix up their style with “My Dear One.” While they are singing, there is an intense classical background. The strong acoustics really brings the track together and instead of abruptly ending the song, it slowly fades out.

Since this is a folk album, every track off the record features slow-tempos with loads of acoustic instruments. For someone who is used to more upbeat and rhythmically engaging music, this will definitely be a change. Though the album lyrically is well written with earthy with natural tones, it bored me to death. You have to be in a certain mood and state of mind to really enjoy the music. If you are taking a road trip or need something to fall asleep to, then this record is right for you.