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Physics and math double major Mary Aronne studying differential equations by the revamped pond.

Students enjoy completed pond

After what may seem like an eternity for some, the renovation of the pond just outside of academic row is finally finished. The construction, which began about two years ago, is the latest of campus renovations to be completed. The changes were made to upgrade and improve the overall function of the pond and its appearance. The walls were replaced, the depth of the pond was increased and the surrounding landscape was improved to provide a more functional method in removing runoff.

Students are excited to have the pond back to normal and looking better than ever. One such student is sophomore political science and global studies major Marc Schultz. “The persistent construction was annoying, but you have to start somewhere,” said Schultz, who was generally pleased with the results of the renovation.

“The pond helps the aesthetic of the campus a lot and the addition of this new pond helps with UMBC’s aesthetic,” said Schultz. “UMBC isn’t as old as other campuses, so we have to work a bit more to develop our own campus look and style. Campus aesthetic is super important and the pond really looks good for UMBC.”

The pond not only adds to the look but also serves as an area for students to socialize with each other.

“The new pond is a great addition and is a nice place to relax,” said Raymond Bascal, a sophomore biology and Spanish major. “It’ll be a great place to chill with friends and relax during the spring when the weather is nice,” continued Bascal.

Like many other students, Bascal was also pleased with the renovation, saying, “it looks really well made and provides a very calm and relaxing atmosphere to the portion of campus its in, which is great since its right before academic row and buildings full of stressful classes.”

Bascal was also rather annoyed with the construction of the pond, but is definitely happy with the finished product. “It was a long wait, but at the end of the day, after seeing what UMBC made of it, the new pond was worth the wait,” said Bascal.