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UMBC’s registration system needs renovating

The headache of registering for classes has always been an issue for students. After getting past the typically useless advising meetings, students are left to register for their classes on their own through myUMBC. The process is very flawed, disorganized and could go smoother if PeopleSoft got some much needed upgrades.

The myUMBC PeopleSoft application is used to manage administrative information such as transcripts, degree audits, parking and class registration. With current technology and advances in web design, incoming students would expect UMBC to have a better management client.

Although myUMBC has been modified and made better, in the three years that I have attended UMBC, no noticeable changes have been made to the haphazard registration system. While adding classes to their cart, students have to constantly navigate back and forth to see which time slots are occupied by added classes. This can be a very time consuming process, which can be made easier by simultaneously allowing students to view their class search and potential class schedule.

The current registration system allows students to register based on how many credits they have completed. Students with more credits have priority over students with lesser credits and can register up to 24 hours before them. So once a student decides what classes they want to add into their shopping cart, the availability of the class is constantly changing up until their registration point. Students have to constantly check whether they need to alter their schedule so that they do not fall behind on credits.

When seats are limited for classes, this can create an anxiety-inducing situation for the students. They will either fall behind on their credits, which will hinder them when it comes to future registration dates, or be forced to take summer and winter courses, which can get expensive. With the high cost of these courses, they may not be a feasible option for students and in turn could result in an extra year at UMBC. Perhaps this could be a potential contributor to UMBC’s 34 percent four-year graduation rate. This also means that students who retake classes will be at a disadvantage when it comes to registration.

Jasmine Gulati, a junior biology major, has had a hard time with the current registration system. Jasmine said, “this is the fourth semester in a row where registering for classes has been a hassle for me. As a pre-med student and biology major, there are a lot of classes I need to take in a short amount of time in order to be able to graduate in four years.”

“Because of scheduling issues, I can never get into the classes I need and my graduation timeline keeps getting affected. UMBC needs to update their system and the classes they offer every semester to accommodate those with strict future plans who want to graduate in time,” she said.

Multiple students are overwhelmed by the time consuming, anxiety-inducing system. “I shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not I will be able to take the classes I need. I am paying for these services,” added Jasmine.