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Drug arrest decrease, firearms proposal and Mckesson mayoral campaign

Sun report indicates decline in drug arrests

A recent report from the Baltimore Sun suggests that drug-related arrests within the city has decreased by nearly 50 percent over the past year. Officials credit the trend to a shift in Baltimore police focus to large-scale and violent drug operations. Former City Commissioner Anthony Barksdale has criticized the new strategy, stating that taking the focus away from small-level offenses impedes police efforts to investigate murders and other types of violent crime.

Police Commissioner pushes to penalize loaded illegal firearms

Baltimore Police Chief Kevin Davis has expressed his desire for legislation sentencing individuals caught with loaded illegal guns to at least one year in prison. Davis has recently helped to press a bill proposal for such a measure before the Maryland General Assembly. The legislation would apply the penalty even if the individual-in-question has not committed any other crime.

City activist cleared for mayoral campaign fundraising

The Director of the Maryland State Board of Election’s candidacy and campaign financed division confirmed that local civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson had filed the paperwork necessary to legally raise money for his Baltimore mayoral campaign.