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In Government We Trust

We have a system
That’s treated like
Some people treat the Bible
As the up-most powerful
The most righteous
While at the same time
It’s the same system
That holds us back from our full potential
Brainwashes us to think that everything will remain the same
So there’s no point in trying to change it
We create sayings that instantly become popular
But never gets us anywhere
Nor create any real impact
Just give us our fifteen minutes of fame
We shout out that #BlackLivesMatter
But at the same time
Find it pointless to vote
Because we can easily place blame
On “White Supremacy” and call it a day
But when it comes to the latest clothes, shoes, and electronics
We’ll sleep over night
And line up in parking lots
Waiting for the stores to open
Then have to take the bus home
The next day
But at least “We’re on Fleek, Right?”
People are so quick to pick a president
But are blind to who really runs the show
It’s Congress
That really runs the country
They are the ones
Who makes the real decisions
Then when they get their way
They slap the President’s name on it
As though it was he’s idea anyway
Yeah, the President get some say
But he’ll always remain a puppet
To the land we call free
But is it really free
As America
Claims to be
To me,
It’s more like the country
Who often forget to recognize the people
Who truly made this country great
Including the people who sacrifice their lives to protect us
And when they return
They too are often forgotten
But celebrate holidays like Veteran’s Day and Fourth of July
As though they they are truly being appreciated and supported
While many are openly homeless,
Suffering from mental and physical injuries,
And usually jobless
But many continue to call America Great
We have a man named Donald Trump
Running for president
With no political background
Nor any education in the field
And have some chance in winning the position
But here I am
In school working on my degree
Spending hard earn money
To give back to the government
But the government told me
That the only to become an eligible worker in my field
Is by obtaining that particular degree
Apparently we all can’t be Donald Trump, right?
But maybe if I inherit Donald Trump’s type of money
I too could choose any field of work that I wanted to pursue in
Without any educational background in that field
And get the job on on the spot
But that’s how America works right
The land of the free
More like
The land of the privileged
The land of freedom of choice
Not exactly—more like
The land of “Their” choice
The land of freedom of speech
This couldn’t be more wrong
It’s more like
The land of already chosen words and speech
Why do so many people find it pointless to vote
But constantly state their opinions and political views
On sites such as Facebook and Twitter
And share political memes on Instagram
But then they remain silent at the most important time to speak
In the voting booths
I guess you guys aren’t seeing the clash of this concept
How can you be well represented or heard
If you don’t stand in those voting poll lines
The answer is you can’t
And because of this unrealistic concept
The government is able to do
Anything they put their minds too
We might as well call America
The land of the riches
Who does so little for the poor
Because the government feels as though
The little people
The blue collar fellows
Aren’t needed in the United States
Because we are the ones holding them back
From America’s full potential to greatness
Little do they know
We the little people
The blue collar fellows are the ones helping them remain rich
Without demanding them to return a thank you
Then again
This is how we keep
America Great
Because we believe in the motto
“In Government We Trust”
Let’s place that on a dollar