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SGA candidates Tappa & Keim: hygeine, inside and out

Explain your main platform and how you will implement it.

“We want to do upgrades of all the bathrooms on the campus. We want all men’s restrooms to have urinal dividers and all female restrooms to have female hygiene products and proper disposal bins. We also want to reduce littering on campus by making the Smoking Patrol also hand out tickets for littering. Our last mission is to make meal plans more transparent to students. Realistically, we don’t think we can adjust the prices but informing the student body about the different options is a good idea, we think. Some meal plans are overpriced relative to others, making them a worse deal for our students.”

Explain why I should vote for your ticket in particular.

“We have set realistic goals that we truly believe in.”

How do you plan to campaign?

“We’re going to advertise with posters around campus and pass out flyers. We don’t want to make students as uncomfortable as they have felt in prior elections, so we will have a hands-off but informative campaign approach.”

If you don’t get elected, how do you plan to help improve the campus?

“I think that we have some really great ideas and we can give these ideas to the winning ticket. We’re also running with Jeremy Drew and Mohsin Ghazali and they could work with the SGA to pass our ideas, if we don’t win.”

If you were forced to drop out of the SGA race, what candidate would you support?

“We plead the fifth.”

What do you think is the primary function of our SGA?

“To connect the student body to our campus administration and ensuring that our voices are heard.”

What is one policy you would like to enact on campus?

“The littering policy is one of the most important things that we are bringing to the table. If we aren’t keeping the campus clean, it is hard to make students respect our campus. I think that recent efforts by our campus to beautify the pond shows promise to our campus’ future if we can keep our campus pristine.”

What is your stance on the recent budget proposed by the Jankoski administration?

“No comment.”

Final question: The executive branch has had many “ghost departments” this year, in that they appointed numerous individuals to lead various executive departments without posting an open application. Positions were essentially given to friends. Upon examination, these departments have been unproductive and/or completely stagnant. When it comes to appointing department heads and overseeing the various executive departments, how would you make sure the mistakes made this year don’t happen under your administration in the future?

“We believe very strongly in a democratic system. I believe that, in any situation, where we must appoint an executive, that many options should be available and that more options bring better ideas to the table. At town hall meetings, we can address vacant positions and listen to the concerns of the students regarding the positions.”