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It seems like Fetty Wap doesn’t try at all

As the crowd was standing and waiting for Fetty Wap to come on stage for his Quadmania performance, various performers came out to entertain the crowd and get everyone pumped. One of Fetty Wap’s DJ’s came out, who never said what his name was, and spun some tunes to popular rap, EDM and pop music. He made the best music of the concert, making the music enjoyable for people who were not familiar with the rap being played.

One of the best elements about the performers at the concert was that they all varied in their musical genres. A performer who was the highlight of the show was quite similar to Tiana from “Empire.” She performed pop/RnB music that really brought out her vocals and her talents as a songstress. She also did a cover of Rihanna’s “Work,” and the similarities between the vocals and mannerisms were quite striking. It felt like a Rihanna concert for a hot second.

Finally, after an hour of various and random rappers, singers and dancers, Fetty trw cut-2Wap came to the stage. Fetty began his set with “Again,” and surprisingly, this track was quite catchy, making it easy to sing along to. Fetty is mostly singing throughout the track, and there is about one verse where he actually raps. In the recording of this song, his singing voice can be nasally, but he performed it well. His vocals and the EDM beats of the song meshed very well together, creating a strong reaction from the audience.

As the concert progressed, I became more convinced that Fetty Wap is a singer rather than a rapper. If one Fetty Wap song could win an award for the best bird sounds, “My Way” featuring Monty would take the cake. For about 30 seconds Fetty was simply just making random bird noises, and for the rest of the time, he was making random sound effects as the song played in the background. On Fetty’s album, there is no rapping, he just slurs a bunch of words while Monty raps for a verse. It is completely horrifying that this song was even a hit because it’s just awful.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a good concert without Fetty performing his hit singles that launched his career, like “679” and “Trap Queen.” Surprisingly, Fetty actually rapped instead of making random animal sounds. The upbeat EDM beats along with the catchy lyrics brought together these tracks, which made it memorable for audiences. Out of all of the Fetty Wap songs, “679” and “Trap Queen” were the best ones he performed because Fetty actually was active instead of just standing there.

trw cut-3Fetty’s music isn’t bad, but it’s not great. Based on what I saw, he needs to make more of an effort performing.  The entire time he was on stage, he would actually rap or sing for a minute while the song was playing in the background. Fetty is talented, which is clearly shown by his number one singles, but he needs to put more effort in creating music that actually makes sense.