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Top Singles for the week of October 10th

Usually, when you are going through your music updates every week it could be a hit or miss. Sometimes, all your artists will be releasing tracks left and right, while some weeks random artists you’ve never heard of release hard passes. Thankfully, it is not that week. From Bruno Mars to Empire of the Sun, musicians this week have come out with new singles in anticipation of their new albums. If you’re over all the depressing music, do not worry, Bruno Mars, Mo, Empire the Sun and Lady Gaga got your back.

“24K Magic” – Bruno Mars

Known for his charismatic charm and upbeat choruses, Bruno Mars provides nothing less. Diverging a little bit from his usual style, Bruno Mars specifically references ’90s RnB in this Bobbie Brown-like song. His smooth vocals melt into the lyrics making this song perfect for a night out. Along with jazz beats, it will be hard to not dance to this track. For the past couple of years, Bruno Mars has been on a hiatus and despite this, Bruno Mars re-energizes fans.

“Million Reasons” – Lady Gaga

Taking on acoustic rock, Lady Gaga is changing her stereotypical art pop that is usually expected. Her soulfulness and passion with her vocals creates a connection with fans and intimacy with her music. Even if you are not a fan of her rock, her acoustic music weirdly connects to your soul. Either the mellow chorus lyrics or the ethereal vibes that she portrays with her new track, this is a knock out for Lady Gaga. Whether you are a fan or not you are bound to be dragged into her music.

“To Her Door” – Empire of the Sun

In their most recent song, instead of dance pop which they are known for, Empire of the Sun changes it up with folk undertones. From the beginning of the song to the end of it, the band continues to show that their music is forever engaging for all listeners. With more overwhelmingly exciting acoustics, Empire of the Sun entertains you the entire way.

“Blended Family” – Alicia Keys ft. A$AP Rocky

“Blended Family is probably one of the best songs released by Alicia Keys so far. She uniquely sings about the stepmother-stepson relationship showing her unconditional love for her stepson. Though this topic may not relatable on familial basis, her love and passion is truly captivating. A$AP Rocky in the end pulls the entire song into a symphony like composition that flows the beats and the lyrics quite well together.

“Thick of it” – Mary J. Blige

Unfortunately, any break up is painful whether you have been together for one month or for 12 years (in Mary J. Blige’s case). This strong and fierce ballad intertwines with modern day hip-hop creating a softer blow for fans going through a break up. Blige’s honesty and power throughout the track is so personal that it gives fans insight in the singer’s life. Though it is unfortunate that her music has come out from pain, this is Mary J Blige’s best single yet.

Whether you are a fan of these artists or not, they have all exemplified great work this week. If you are going through a break up like Mary J. Blige or you just want to have a fun night out with Bruno Mars, these singers provide from start to finish. Each of their songs captivate energy or any sadness you may be feeling, whatever you are feeling each of these songs are listening to for every second.

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