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Childish Gambino awakens the love with his lyrical content

Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover is truly the jack of all trades. Comedian, actor and lyricist, he’s not only a modern renaissance man, but a bonafide superstar in every aspect. In his most recent album “Awaken my Love,” the singer/rapper/whatever category you want to put him, showcases his awareness of music culture. Combining punk, gospel, RnB and other genres, Childish Gambino has evolved as an artist, creating a work of art that is breathtaking for all music listeners.

A successful album usually begins with a big bang. In this case, it is the Gospel chorus in “Me and your Mama.” This intense play of musical composition is as overwhelming as it is beautiful. With Gambino’s vocals in the background, it melts sounds and emotions into eachother, bringing the listener closer to the music.

“Have Some Love” is a soulful track that stands out because of the synchronized drumming. It is quite an unexpected twist to his album, considering that he has never incorporated this genre before. But this track is emotional and so raw for listeners to hear, that it will seem as though he is a seasoned professional.

Throughout the album, you will frequently be unsure if this is an album of Gambino singing or this is all a sample of his various musical talents. In “Zombies,” he sings this ballad in high notes, showing off his incredible vocal range. This simple production is deep and emotional as he laments for his long lost love.

One of the most memorable songs off the album and at the top of the charts is “Redbone.” This funky song will be a kickstarter for anyone studying for exams right now. The deep undertones of the bass and the intricate violin background is a surprise motivator for anyone who needs to get things done.

If this album is a showcase of his music abilities rather than hip-hop influences, that’s okay because I am still a fan. Instrumental solos are majority of the pieces composed on this album, and the variety of sounds and beats throughout the track is truly emotional and engaging. You will rarely hear Gambino’s vocals or raps on the album unless he is providing background vocals. But, still, this album one of a kind and Gambino does not disappoint.