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Virginia band celebrates new EP

His Dream of Lions, a four-person rock band hailing from Virginia, launched a new EP this past week. The band’s pop punk energy is similar to that of My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy, with the glamorous feel of classic rock bands such as Queen. Frontman Seth Coggeshall answered a few questions about the band and about their new EP, “Psuedo Star,” this past week.

To start off, tell me where you drew your inspiration for the EP.

We tend to draw a lot of inspiration from our own lives. I think ultimately a song is just a reflection of whatever is going on internally for the writer. For this EP however a lot of the energy behind it came from our own desire not to get bogged down too much in our own anxieties about the prospect of making an whole new record. It was a significant undertaking but the challenge inherent in the recording and writing process reinvigorated the band and our sound in a really exciting way.

What’s your favorite song on “Pseudo Star” and why?

Personally I’m a big fan of Earth Girls. I’m really proud of the fact that this band could write that kind of song. It has this really interesting blend of classic and modern elements that isn’t really like anything we’ve done before. That and the subject of the song is kind of funny to me.

What’s the story behind the music video for “Love Me Like I’m Sick”?

In our previous music videos we had always borrowed visual concepts from movies or other media, however for this video we were really interested in creating our own world/feeling. What we ended up doing was pulling aesthetic elements from a variety of different sources and smashing them all together to create the “Love Me Like I’m Sick” world. There’s a little bit of Blade Runner, The Outsiders, Watchmen, Stranger Things, all sorts of stuff.

I heard you played Warped Tour last year, how was that experience?

That was really the pinnacle of our careers up ’til now. You grow up going to Warped Tour dreaming about being a part of it one day and then you get opportunity. It was a really fascinating and eye-opening experience.

What festivals or venues do you dream of playing in the future?

Definitely Warped Tour again. But then there’s always the dream festivals like Reading, and Firefly.

Can fans expect a full album from His Dream of Lions in the near future?

Maybe! That’s all sort of in the air right now. We have the material for it, just need to make sure it would be the right move! Right now I think we’re just ready to make this current EP last as long as it needs to.

His Dream of Lions is currently on a “Psuedo Star” release tour, and will play Worcester, MA on Feb. 27. You can learn more about them at, and find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.