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Weathers lend a helping hand through music

Currently making their rounds on a tour that touches every corner of the United States, Weathers have been building a reputation and a national following. The Los Angeles based band has been working their way up the alternative rock ranks with hit songs such as “Happy Pills” which has amassed more than seven million views on YouTube. Their album, “Kids In The Night,” has impressed alternative rock fans everywhere and showcases the band’s ability to put together a quality full-length project.
With Cameron Boyer as the lead singer, accompanied by Cameron Olsen on guitar, Cole Carson on drums and Brennen Bates on bass, Weathers’s chemistry can be heard in their music. The cohesion between the instruments pairs perfectly with Boyer’s vocals, resulting in a sound that many bands can only hope to achieve. Along with their refined sense of style, Weathers is reminiscent of rock legends, The Killers. This is a comparison that is not thrown around loosely among longtime fans of the genre.
The band has been applauded for their focus on mental health, which has given their music a meaning that goes beyond sound. Interestingly enough, the band did not set out to put an explicit focus on mental health in their album. The various interpretations of their music rather led to them inspiring millions of fans that were looking to escape their own mind.
Boyer explained, “What’s cool is that the album was never specifically about mental health. It was about taking bad experiences, learning from them, and ultimately turning them into good experiences. And always knowing that it’s okay to not be okay. What’s really cool is that some people interpreted that in different ways. And naturally, the album became bigger than ourselves. And it brought more people together. And we think that’s pretty rad.” Although it may not have been intentional, the band has been able to foster a like-minded fan base that cherishes the band’s positive messages as well as their musical ability.
Fresh off an album that was well received by fans, it will be exciting to see what Weathers will create to follow it up. Looking back on what the band was proud of in the album, Boyer says, “Everything. Everything about the album is what I’m most proud about. From the music to the lyrics, to the style, to how we worked as a band, to how we worked with our producer, Tim Pagnotta, to what it means, to how the fans responded, I’m very proud of everything.”
Boyer’s answer is more than understandable given the long journey the band has taken to get where they are. “And for our next album, I don’t know!” says Boyer, “I guess I’ll figure that out as time goes. But either way, I just hope fans will vibe with it as much as we will.”
If interested in checking out Weathers, visit where you can view their remaining tour dates as well as listen to their music.