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Andrew Gribben’s purple Altima

James Gallagher for TRW

Andrew Gribben | Senior | Information Systems

2000 Nissan Altima Sports Edition

“I got my car as a graduation present from my mom in 2010. It was originally a green car, however, since she knew my favorite color was purple, she had it painted purple. I have had this car for about 6 years now.”

James Gallagher for TRW




“I would not consider myself a car enthusiast. I would say I enjoy cars; I enjoy driving cars, working on cars and the way cars look.”








“I haven’t really ever thought about my relationship with my car, I try to take car of her and ensure that she is running well.”


“I had to have the engine replaced, and it was a real growing moment. While driving in Frederick the engine seized, and I had to pull over, call a tow truck, not freeze to death and then find a ride back home from the auto shop. I actually almost had to scrap the car, until the dealership was able to find a usable engine within my price range. That was actually a pretty stressful time, since I’m a sentimental person, and didn’t want to say goodbye to my car after all we had been through.”

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Thanks to Andrew Gribben. Photos by James Gallagher for TRW.