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Off roading on campus with Wes Drake














Wes Drake | Junior | Mechanical Engineering

2003 Jeep Wrangler

“My car is a 2003 Jeep Wrangler with 33 inch tires, 4 inches of lift, Ford mustang injectors, a custom front bumper, white wagon wheels and many other mods.”











“I bought the Jeep in its stock form in November of 2012 and started modifying it June of 2013.”





“I’m a fan of any machine that moves. It started with trains as a toddler, then it moved to dirt bikes, and now it has developed into cars and boats.”








“Being able to look at my Jeep and know that it has been to off-the-map places only few others have been feels pretty cool, but being able to see and feel the improvements I made to the Jeep is what makes me the happiest.”






“After a bad winter storm, my girlfriend and I went exploring through Gambrill State Park where the roads aren’t plowed. We drove through about 2 feet of snow up the entire access road. On the way down the mountain, we saw cars abandoned in ditches from the night before, and eventually we came across a truck trying to get out of a frozen creek that it had slipped into. The driver told me that a tow truck came but was convinced he couldn’t retrieve the truck and left them stranded. I spent an hour using my Jeep to winch and pull the heavy truck out of the deep ravine, and the driver was able to go back home instead of spending the night in his truck.”

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Thanks to Wes Drake. Photos by James Gallagher for TRW.