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Get to Know a Retriever

Hear the music in his soul

Brandon Foster

Staff Writer

 A young man wears many hats in order to become the next music mogul.

What is your name, major, and year?

My name is Bentley Corbett, a junior who is majoring in Music Education.


Where are you from (city, county, state)?

I am from Las Vegas, NV. Nothing in Vegas stays there!


Who do you admire and why?

Since I love the genre of classical music, I admire my favorite composer Tchaikovsky! His music is passionate and never fails to move me. I wish that he had compositions that nobody knew about that could be discovered; that would make me really happy.


What is your career goal?

After graduating, I hope to teach high school band for a few years and eventually get a job in the Student Affairs field. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but coming here to UMBC has made me really passionate about helping other students, helping them to get involved and being a role model for others in general.


What do you like most about UMBC?

I love how involved one can get here at UMBC and how many fantastic people attend this school; it is a place where one chooses his or her own path and can find his or her true potential as a student and a leader.


What activities do you participate in on campus?

My involvement on campus is immense! I am with Student Events Board (seb), Student Government Association, the Down and Dirty Dawg Pep Band, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, the Office of Student Life and the Office Undergraduate Admissions.


Who is the celebrity you would like to meet; what would you do with him/her?

I would have loved to meet Tchaikovsky if he were still alive. We would compose some wonderful music and attempt to win multiple music awards.


What is/are your favorite thing(s) to do outside of UMBC?

One of my favorite things to do outside of UMBC is venturing out into Catonsville; it is so quaint! The Inner Harbor is nice to visit as well, and I really like Arundel Mills Mall. I go to these places whenever I want to get good food with other friends.


Where do you want to spend your next vacation?

I would like to spend my next vacation traveling all across Europe. From the Eiffel Tower to the London Bridge, I would take in all the sights I have seen in pictures over the years.


What is your favorite genre of television (comedy, competition, reality, etc.) and why?

I love watching TV shows and movies ranging from fantasy and action-adventure to sci-fi and comedy.


If you met Dr. Hrabowski (UMBC President), what would you say to him?we

If I met Dr. Hrabowski one-on-one again, I would simply ask him how his day was going. He is as human as you and I!