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Graphic design that pops

The library gallery’s new exhibit features the work of renowned graphic designer Abbott Miller.

Internationally renowned graphic designer and artist Abbott Miller comes to the library gallery. His exhibit mixes form and content in a unique art display.

Versatile, internationally renowned, award-winning graphic designer and Baltimore resident Abbott Miller opened an exhibit in the library gallery this weekend. It is the world premiere of the exhibit, called Abbott Miller: Design and Content, which coincides with his newest book of the same name. Reminiscent of Andy Warhol and pop art, Miller’s pieces fall into four design categories: books, exhibitions, magazines and identity.

The show offers completed pieces and works in progress, which provide insight into the creative process. Vertical banners line the walls with pieces from Miller’s various books and magazines. A disheveled man in a blue and white gingham suit chews on a daisy on the cover of 2Wice magazine, which Miller co-edits. Ten feet away, the actual gingham suit is displayed on a metal mannequin.

The banners were once a limited form of the exhibit, which was displayed in Mexico City. More pieces were added for the current exhibit. Eight display tables house books that Miller created or contributed to. Some are accompanied by sculptures such as three resin egg yolks and whites. Each egg is in a various state of being cooked.

At one end of the exhibit is a large, temporary wall with video being projected on it. A video is projected on it featuring the creation of the app DOT DOT DOT. The app is interactive and allows the user to choreograph a dancer on the screen.

A colorful reading table is situated in the middle of the display. The table is bold in blue and yellow, while eight small red stools surround it. Six desk lamps point downward, shining light onto Miller’s books. Everyone is welcome to sit down and read through the books.

No space is left unutilized. Even the support columns in the gallery are covered with what looks like jumbled typography. It is wallpaper Miller designed for Knoll, a store specializing in modern interior design and furniture.

Few students are in the gallery. Many are passing through to get to the Serials department. Still, in the short time it has been open, the exhibit is well received. Emily Hauver, the curator of exhibitions, has already heard positive feedback.

“Everyone’s saying it’s their favorite exhibition,” said Hauver as she hung a display sign on the wall, putting a few finishing touches on the show.

Abbott Miller: Design and Content will be on display through June 30. Miller will be on campus to talk about his work in the library gallery on April 22 at 7 p.m.