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An evening with Mac DeMarco

mac demarco trw
Mac DeMarco started off with new songs from his latest album, “Another One.” Playing at the Howard Theatre in DC, Mac played for an energetic sold out crowd.
mac demarco trw-2
Guitarist Andy White shreds alongside Mac DeMarco.
mac demarco trw-3
Mac DeMarco performs his heart out with songs about youth and good times.
mac demarco trw-4
Bass player Pierce Mcgarry, tells the audience jokes and provides commentary on the band’s current tour.
mac demarco trw-5
A fan is crowdsurfing in open arms while Mac DeMarco and his band performing in the background.
mac demarco trw-7
Mac DeMarco plays one of his slower songs, “Chamber of Reflection.” With minimal lighting, DeMarco passionately sings to the crowd.
mac demarco trw-17
Shredding for the encore song, Mac DeMarco performs a distorted cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” and breaks a string while playing.
mac demarco trw-16
Mac DeMarco taking a relaxing detour while crowd surfing above his adoring fans.
mac demarco trw-6
Fans couldn’t stop taking photos of Mac Demarco. At least once during every song, a fan would attempt to capture a nonchalant photograph of the artist.
mac demarco trw-8
Mac DeMarco thanks the audience for their consistent support.
mac demarco trw-9
Performing classic, “Ode To Viceroy,” Mac DeMarco, center, serenades the audience while Pierce McGarry, left, Joe McMurray (cq), center right and Andy White, right accompany his performance.
mac demarco trw-10
Mac DeMarco leaps back into a crowd of exciting fans.
mac demarco trw-11
Nearby fans immediately rush to crowd surf Mac DeMarco.
mac demarco trw-12
Mac DeMarco tips head first towards the floor after some fans fail to properly crowd surf him.
mac demarco trw-14
A fan places a paper crown over Mac DeMarco while he rests on top of patrons.