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“Seven Minutes in Hell” with Scream Queens

You are being stalked by a murderous pyscho-killer, and your first thought as co-president of your sorority is to lock everyone in your house and have a slumber party, right? Of course not. But that’s what the ladies of Kappa Kappa Tau decided in last week’s episode of “Scream Queens,” appropriately titled “Seven Minutes in Hell.”

Newly elected co-president of KKT, Zayday, along with new member pledge Grace, decided to have a sleepover party to bond with the other sisters. Of course, this was an elaborate plan to get the girls to expose their secrets, and to find out if anybody knows who the killer, the Red Devil, is. They hoped to use the game of Truth or Dare to coax the truth out of the girls.

This would have been a great plan, if they actually got to play the game. Chanel #3 used the game to explore her lesbian feelings, and ended up getting a not-so-important character killed. Their first mistake was having a sleepover when a raging pyscho-killer was on the loose. Their second mistake was being surprised that someone died, especially since someone in that house dies every two days.

Chanel, being the great and inspiring president that she is, thought it was a brilliant idea to turn the KKT house into a panic room. This of course, backfires because when have Chanel’s plans ever worked? So, the girls are locked in during the night, with Chanel having the only working cell phone.

You can easily guess where this is going. The girls are bait, asking, no, screaming, for the Red Devil to kill them. And it does. But, the Red Devil waits for Chanel’s boyfriend Chad Radwell and his dumb fraternity brothers to get to the house before it starts killing off the victims one by one.

With all of these killings happening, everyone starts accusing each other of being the Red Devil. It’s almost sad to watch them claim that Hester killed Predatory Lez all the way in the basement, then killed Roger, who was all the way upstairs, within seconds. Something doesn’t sound right, and it’s not just the fact that Roger used to have a weird clicking alien-like language with his twin brother.

This episode paints Chanel in probably the only good-light she’ll get all season. When the Red Devil attacks Zayday in the secret tunnels under the KKT house, Chanel hits it in the head and they escape. But her motives end up being purely selfish, of course.

So, besides Chanel #3 getting more screen time, and the viewers finally finding out why she wears those earmuffs – her ex was obsessed with her ears to the point he wanted to cut them off – this episode was as not as entertaining as the others. The dialogue is quick and full of understandable pop-culture references, so it’s easy to follow. If you like humor and gory scenes, this episode is absolutely perfect for you.