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My Black Is Black by Diamond McKesson

Creative Corner is a new initiative within The Retriever to showcase the student body’s creative, short-form work. While still experimental, we thought we’d try to bring out the voice of the arts at UMBC a bit more. Please send feedback on the idea to

Can Someone Please Tell Me What’s Wrong With That?
Black Sister
Black Brother
You Know It’s Ok To Love One Another
They Don’t Want You To Love Yourself
But Tell Them You Are Black & Full Of Wealth
My Black Is Black
Black Is Not Ugly
Black Is The Truth
Black Is Deep Down In Our Roots
Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges
Please Don’t Act Like You Don’t Know Our Strong Black Women
My Black Is Black
& So Was His
Even Though He Died
His Dream Still Got To Live
Why Throw It Away?
Don’t Let Them Act Like You Don’t Have Nothing To Say
You Are Black & Proud
Black & Loud
& Tell Them You Never Back Down
My Black Is Black
& So Was Hers
She Expressed Herself Through Her Words
In The Poem “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” She Made Sure She Was Heard
R.I.P Maya Angelou
You May Be Gone But Your Legacy Lives On
My Black Is Black
Afros & Nappy Hair
When We Out In Public
All They Do Is Stare
Why Didn’t She Comb Her Hair?
Why Is Her Afro So Big?
The Real Question Is Why Don’t They Just Let Us Live
My Black Is Black
& So Is The Violence
We Kill Each Other All The Time
Now Let’s Have A Moment Of Silence
When Does It End?
Does It Ever?
If We Keep Killing Each Other How Does It Suppose To Get Better?
My Black Is Black
& So Are Our Kids
We Have To Do Better
& Show Them That Black Is Where It Is
If We Lead
Then They Will Follow
If All We Do Is Support The Bad
That’s Not Being A Good Role Model