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“3%” series inspires viewers to explore diverse television

Unlike regular television, Netflix has a plethora of content for its subscribers to choose from, including horror movies, thrillers, comedies and even international films in a variety of languages. One TV show is “3%”, and it does not fail to keep its viewers entertained.

“3%” is a dystopian show filmed in Sao Paulo. Therefore, the show is filmed in Portuguese, but do not let that stop you from watching Brazil’s take on “The Hunger Games.” It introduces viewers to a place riddled with devastation and a lack of resources called the “Inland.” Every year, 20-year-olds on the Inland get the chance at a better life by going through “The Process,” which consists of a series of tests only three percent of candidates pass. Those within this three percent get the luxury of living on the island called, “The Offshore.”

Each episode explores the lives of candidates who must complete challenges that are both mentally and emotionally draining. The tests show that candidates not only must deal with the rigors of the competition from others, but they must also confront obstacles from their past.

The characters in the show must sacrifice their lives, homes, families and friends if they choose to go through the process and get the opportunity to live a much simpler, stress-free life on “The Offshore.” Even after 100 years, candidates still annually find the willingness and valor to leave their entire lives behind and risk it all for a mysterious and unknown lavish lifestyle far from familiarity.

While the show is filmed in a completely different country and language, I still find that the characters go through problems that all young adults go through as they are growing to become their own individuals and learning where they stand in society. In college, young adults are constantly learning and going through their own processes of finding purpose in life. We are constantly being tested intellectually, mentally and emotionally while trying to manage other aspects of our personal lives.

With its third season preparing to be released later this year, “3%” is a brilliantly written show that should not stop non-native speakers from watching due to the language barrier. Watching the show in its native language allows viewers to really grasp the emotion and authenticity from each character rather than watching the show with dubbed voice actors.

The show also brings together different aspects of Brazilian culture and exemplifies the diversity of the country. Do not be afraid of the subtitles, and be more open to watching shows from other countries. You might just find one that speaks to you.