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A forgotten Super Bowl halftime show

The Super Bowl is an exciting time, when football fans get pumped and come out to support their teams. It’s a once in a lifetime experience because no two games are the same and a part of the experience that will live on for years is the halftime show. Yet this year, the show failed to impress.

The first downfall of this halftime show is Coldplay. Their act killed the vibe of every Super Bowl party. Coldplay is on a list for artists that will put you to sleep: their overly emotional, sappy music just does not work with the Super Bowl. As they were performing, a montage of past Superbowl halftime performers played in the background. Whether they were trying to be commemorative or nostalgic, it was totally pointless. Plus, even though the lighting throughout the shows was beautiful, it was still daytime, so the effects didn’t seem to live up to their potential.

Then, Beyonce emerged debuting her new song “Formation.” She had an amazing entrance, fit for a queen like herself and everything from her outfit to her choreography was epic. It felt incredibly awkward: Chris Martin was on one side of the stage while Beyonce on the other side, singing “Paradise,” displaying not just their difference in tone but also sheer confusion.

Out of nowhere, Bruno Mars emerged, channeling MC Hammer. He popped out with Mark Ronson for “Uptown Funk” and a “Crazy in Love” duet with Beyonce. The entire time, I was confused about what was actually going on. Towards the end, all three performers came back together to do a song promoting peace and though it was touching, it was just too random.

This Super Bowl performance lacked any clear direction and organization. Everything was just coming out of nowhere and it felt so out of place. Besides, the NFL should have hired someone other than Coldplay — performers like Missy Elliot, Bruce Springsteen, or even Kanye West could have done so much better. 

I have to say, Coldplay’s lighting was beautiful and intricate, though it would have been even nicer at nighttime, along with the fireworks. Another point for the NFL to consider next year, is that since so many people tune in for the halftime show, they should think of making it longer. The show was under 15 minutes, since it seemed like a good five minutes was just used to introduce the artists coming on stage. That left only 10 minutes for the actual music.

Overall, this Super Bowl experience was not captivating at all. It lacked the stage presence and energy that is supposed to make these shows memorable.