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An evening with MITSKI

New York artist MITSKI performs at the Rock N Roll Hotel with supporting acts from JAY SOM and JAPANESE BREAKFAST. Following up her 2014 album “Meet Me at Makeout Creek”, her latest album “Puberty 2” delves further into her emotions. Singing about complicated relationships that still have not been resolved, there is a sense of melancholy in each song she performs. The crowd was in tune to every track, with little commentary in between songs. Interestingly, Mitski played a cover of the Calvin Harris track “How Deep Is Your Love” with grand excitement from the audience. Recently, Mitski’s song “Francis Forever” was briefly featured on the animated television show Adventure Time. The sounds of Mitski are rough around the edges at times but ultimately rewarding if you can sympathize with that.


  1. Townie
  2. First Love – Late Spring
  3. I Want You
  4. Thursday Girl
  5. How Deep Is Your Love (Calvin Harris & Disciples cover)
  6. Once More to See You
  7. Francis Forever
  8. My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars
  9. I Don’t Smoke
  10. Your Best American Girl
  11. I WillDrunk Walk Home
  12. A Burning Hill
  13. New Song
  14. Last Words of A Shooting Star
mitski trw
California artist JAY SOM opens for MITSKI.
mitski trw-2
mitski trw-3
JAPANESE BREAKFAST is headlined by singer and guitarist Michelle Zauner. The band’s sound is psychedelic rock.
mitski trw-4
MITSKI and her fellow band mates tune their equipment before playing for a packed crowd.
mitski trw-5
Mitski Miyawaki tours with her latest emotional album “Puberty 2”.
mitski trw-7
Mitski closes her eyes as she sings into her mic.
mitski trw-8
MITSKI’S latest album Puberty 2 has received critical acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork, New Yorker, Dazed, and Bandcamp.
mitski trw-9
MITSKI performs for a sold out crowd of energetic youths singing along to almost every track.
mitski trw-10
MITSKI performs alone for a few songs off her album “Bury Me At Makeout Creek”.
mitski trw-11
Portrait shot of MITSKI.